Apr 112012

Thanks to the Microsoft Web Platform Installer (WebPI) setting up WordPress and MySQL on your Cytanium Windows VPS hosting solution is a breeze. Maintaining the MySQL database can be a challenge without a decent toolset, but thanks to phpMyAdmin, it is very easy. Best of all phpMyAdmin is free!

To install phpMyadmin on your Cytanium VPS just follow these simple steps:

  • Setup a new web site in IIS
  • Download the latest version of phpMyAdmin to your server
  • Unzip the contents to the root folder of the new site you created
  • Browse the new site and you’ll see the phpMyAdmin login
  • Enter root username and password of your MySQL instance

After logging in you’ll be able to be able to do a wide variety of admin tasks such as add new databases, export and retore databases, run queries.


Using phpMyAdmin to manage the MySQL on your Windows VPS makes life a lot easier, and saves a ton of time from having to mess with the MySQL command-line. If you don’t already have it installed, you should really consider checking it out. If you don’t have a Windows VPS solution yet, check out Cytanium’s aggressively low-priced Windows VPS hosting options.

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