Jun 062012

WebMatrix and Visual Studio 2010 (VS2010) handle web deployment differently and it is a fairly common support request. So I want to share a screenshot of a project that I successfully published from VS2010 to a shared hosting site running here at Cytanium.

VS2010 Web Deploy

Starting at the top… you can name the publishing profile anything you want – click the Rename button to adjust the name.

The publishing method should be Web Deploy (because that’s the specific focus of this post – you could choose FTP or another method if desired). The service URL is specific to each web host – the one to use for Cytanium shared servers would be https://vserver01.cytanium.com:8172/msdeploy.axd.

The Site/application name should be the name of the site as defined in IIS. At Cytanium this is also the name of the site as reflected in the control panel. It is generally YourSiteName.com – do not use the www. or anything else unless that’s the name you gave it when setting it up.

If you want the application to run in a subfolder – like YourSiteName/WordPress/ or something, then it’s a good idea to check the box next to “Mark as IIS application on destination”.

If you want to have VS2010 *delete* all files from the server that don’t exist in your local project, then clear the checkbox next to “Leave extra files on destination” – otherwise leave that checked and it will add new files, and update newer ones, but leaves other files intact.

Check the box to Allow untrusted certificate which will avoid any potential SSL issue connecting to the publishing service.

Then enter your *publishing* username and password. This is not your control panel logon, nor is it your FTP or other information. It is the username and password that were specifically set up for web publishing to your site. Here’s where that is controlled at Cytanium if you don’t already know.

When everything is entered I suggest you Save the profile (the big button near the top) so you don’t have to reenter this everytime. Then click Publish and it should deploy your code up to the server for you.

Happy hosting!

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