Apr 262012

If you create additional sites on your Cytanium account, or if for some reason you delete your main site and recreate it, then you’ll probably want to set up the Web Deployment (management) services so that you can publish content from WebMatrix or the Visual Studio tools.

[Updated 1/17/12 to match the upgraded control panel interface.]

When you go to view your Web Site properties from the control panel you will see a number of tabs along the top of the interface. The Web Deploy service is set up on the Web Publishing tab.

On the Web Publishing tab it will confirm for you whether the management service is enabled or not. It also has fields to let you customize (if desired) the username for you to publish with, and the associated password.

When you confirm the username and desired password, then click Enable and you’ll see a dialog confirming that the Web Deploy service is being set up:

Enable remote management for your shared hosting site

After just a moment you will see the Management tab screen again but with a green message confirming that the service was successfully configured.

At this point you can now publish your content from any tool that leverages Microsoft’s Web Deploy services.

  5 Responses to “Enable Web Deploy On Your Cytanium Hosted Site”

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  2. Hi – Web publishing tab is not there. please advice as what needs to be done to get the web deployment enabled. thanks – harsh

    • Are you referring to the free .NET4.5 beta platform or the cloud sites beta platform?

      • @admincy – if its a yes that Harsh is using a free .NET4.5 beta platform or the cloud sites beta platform. I’m just curious for the answer because we have the same issue. :) thanks

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