Jun 082012

Why would you want to leverage Windows VPS hosting? Well, let me tick off four good reasons and let you decide if it makes sense for you.

First, in what situation would you NOT want VPS hosting? If you have a really processing-intensive application and/or database server – VPS hosting may not be the best for you. In that case you may want a physical dedicated server with high-speed dedicated drives, lots of processor cores, and tons of RAM from a managed dedicated and cloud host like OrcsWeb.

But, for 99% of the servers online, a VPS solution is ideal!

      • VPS Solutions are lower-cost than physical dedicated servers. Our Windows VPS Hosting solutions start as low as $20/month! That’s right – $20/month. In past years rates that low were reserved only for Linux platforms but with the latest advancements in Microsoft technologies, we’re able to offer Windows hosting at Linux prices!
      • A VPS Solution is more flexible than shared site hosting. To make both support and the scaling of sites easier to handle on shared hosting platforms, the host has to standardize the platform. This makes a lot of sense, but if your application doesn’t fit into that exact mold, it can create a situation where you need to rewrite code or find another solution (like VPS!)
      • A Windows VPS gives you total control over the “server”. You can quite literally remote desktop into the VPS and it will look just like any other server (or desktop) that you’ve used. From there you can fully customize the server to your needs and configure it in any way supported by the standard Windows Server 2008 operating systems.
      • You get more resources with a VPS server. Even our lowest cost VPS solution allocates 1 GB of dedicated memory for your needs. It also includes 40 GB of persistent storage for you to use however needed… web content, stored files, databases, etc… These are all great options and uses for those dedicated VPS resources.

Have additional questions? Feel free to email us at support@cytanium.com. Also check out the material on our site, including our VPS-related blog posts.

Happy hosting!

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