May 212012

What’s the best VPS hosting? Such a tricky question and the answer is: It depends. It depends on what’s important to you and your project. It depends on what you want included versus what you’d like to skip (assuming that lowers the cost). It depends on if you are comfortable self-administering your server or if you need a company to fully handle that for you. And that’s just getting started.

Let’s spin the question around a little bit to make it more reasonable to answer.

Who is the Cytanium Windows VPS Hosting best for?

  • Clients who want the basic redundancy benefits of cloud server hosting – Cytanium’s VPS servers run in a Microsoft Hyper-V cluster that is fully redundant and fault-tolerant).
  • Clients who are comfortable self-administering their servers – We hand over a Windows Server 2008 R2 server with administrative RDP access and then you are free to install, configure, and support anything you want on that platform.
  • Clients who want the lowest cost Windows Server hosting options and don’t need some of the managed hosting features that commonly drive up prices – Cytanium’s VPS options are aggressively priced.
  • Clients who want the ability to build – and if needed delete then rebuild – their VPS servers directly through the control panel in real time – Cytanium clients control the build on-demand through their control panel interface.
  • Clients who want a functional control panel even through they have VPS RDP access – Cytanium’s control panel gives quick glances into resource usage (RAM, disk, CPU), let’s users change their password, allows for custom and complete DNS management, and more.
  • Clients who want the best of Linux and Windows – Supporting PHP, MySQL, .NET, MVC, SQL Server and more, yet at such low rates that were previously limited to only Linux hosting solutions.

Who are Cytanium’s Windows VPS not best for?

That’s summarizes things pretty well. There are no term commitments or setup fees and with the super aggressive pricing, there’s really no reason not to try it out and experience it for yourself. If you aren’t already familiar with our VPS hosting plans, go there now and check them out.

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